Burn Data Discs In Linux Mint 17


If your Linux Mint computer includes an optical disc drive with burning capability, you can use Linux Mint to create “data discs” – optical discs that contain files and folders. You can create CD-R or DVD-R discs, discs that are burned once and then permanent. You can also create CD-RW or DVD-RW discs, discs that can be rewritten and erased (though note that rewritable discs can only be rewritten ten to twenty times before they break down).

To burn data discs, you use the Brasero disk-burning application, which comes included in the default Linux Mint install. To launch Brasero, click on the mintmenu, search for “brasero”, and then click on the icon for Brasero. When Brasero launches, click on the Data Project button.

Brasero will then open the New Data Disc Project window. Click on the Plus sign in the upper-left hand corner to add files to your data disc. Brasero will then let you navigate through your files and folders to select the files you wish to burn to your disk.

Note that the combined size of your files cannot exceed 700 megabytes for a data CD and 4.4 gigabytes for a data DVD. Once you have finished selecting the files, insert a burnable CD or DVD, and select the Burn button at the lower right-hand corner of the Brasero window.

Note that you must insert a burnable disc into your drive before hitting Burn, otherwise Brasero will create an image file based on your data, rather than actually burning a disc. Once the burning is done, you can eject the disc from your drive, and use it to transfer information to a different computer.