How To Burn Disc Images In Linux Mint


From time to time, you might hear people talking about burning an “image file” to a disc. They aren’t talking about pictures or graphics, but a kind of file that contains a snapshot of a disc. An image file (also called an ISO file) is a file containing the complete contents of a disc. The idea is that you then burn the image file to a CD or DVD disc, thereby allowing you create identical copies of the original disc. In fact, if you installed Linux Mint by downloading the image file and burning it to an installation disc, you’ve already used an ISO file. The Linux Mint installation is distributed via an ISO file, and to install it, people burn the ISO file to a disc (or transfer it to a USB flash drive).

Burning an ISO file to disc in Linux Mint is a straightforward process, and the ability is built right into Ubuntu, requiring no additional software or utilities. First, right-click on the ISO file you want to burn to disc, and from the top of the menu that appears, click on Open With and then Basero.

This will launch the Brasero disc burning utility.

Next, insert a CD-R disc or DVD-R disc into your optical drive, depending on the size of the image file. Then click on the Create Image button.

Linux Mint will then burn the image to your disc.