Change The Panel Size In Linux Mint

The Panel in Linux Mint is quite useful, but it does have one potential weakness. Namely, it can be too small to read easily if you are using Linux Mint on a smaller screen or if your eyes have a hard time reading smaller text. Fortunately, it is quite easy to make the Panel larger. If you make the Panel larger, it takes up a larger part of your screen, but it can be easier to read.

To make the Panel larger, first right-click on a blank section of the Panel and select the Panel Settings option from the menu that appears. This will launch the System Settings application with the Panel options already open. Under the Size Options heading, put a check box in the Use Customized Panel Size check box. Once this check box is enabled, you can drag the sliders for the Top Panel Height and the Bottom Panel Height options. (If you have the top Panel enabled, you can adjust its size independently of the bottom Panel.) By default, Linux Mint will scale up the size of the Panel’s text and icons as you increase the Panel’s size. If you would prefer that the text and the icons remain the same size regardless of the Panel’s size, uncheck the “Allow Cinnamon To Scale Panel Text And Icons” check box.