Change Display Resolution In Linux Mint

The “screen resolution” of a display refers to how many pixels that display will use. For example, a resolution display of 1200 x 800 means that the display will use 1200 pixels on its length, and 800 pixels of height. Most displays have a native resolution, which means a resolution they were designed to use by default. Typically a display will look best at its native resolution, and will look grainy and pixelated if you go any lower. Linux Mint will generally detect and use your display’s native resolution, but there are scenarios where you might wish to change the resolution – for instance, when connecting a laptop to a LCD projector, or when connecting a desktop to a different monitor.

To change the resolution, launch the System Settings application by going to the mintmenu, searching for “System Settings”, and then clicking on its icon when it appears in the search results. After Systems Settings appears, click on the Display icon, which will be located under the Hardware category.

The Display item will then expand. To change the resolution, click on the Resolution drop-down menu, and you will see all the available resolutions listed. Select the appropriate resolution and click the Apply button, and Linux Mint will change to that resolution. You will then see a prompt asking if you want to keep the current display configuration, or to move back to the old one. This is a failsafe measure in case you select a resolution your monitor cannot handle – if you do not confirm the new resolution within 30 seconds, Linux Mint will move back to the old one.


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  • December 11, 2016 at 12:04 pm

    I cannot shorten the display on a 10″ netbook to click to continue and have found no way to carry on setting up update manager on linux mint

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