Connect An External Display In Linux Mint

When using Linux Mint on a laptop computer, you might want to connect the laptop to an external monitor. There are many reasons for doing so – you might want to plug the laptop into a docking station and use it as a desktop computer, or you might need to connect the laptop to a projector to give a presentation or to show a film. You might also simply want to use the additional screen real estate. Additionally, if you have a desktop computer with multiple video out ports, you can plug multiple monitors into the computer and use several monitors simultaneously.

To use Linux Mint with multiple monitors, first plug an extra monitor into one of the computer’s video out ports, whether it is a laptop or a desktop. Typically, a desktop computer will have either a VGA or a DVI video port, while most laptops will have VGA, DisplayPort, or HDMI port, though more and more desktop computers come with either DisplayPort or HDMI connectors. When you plug in in the additional monitor, Linux Mint will most likely detect it automatically and “extend” your desktop to it. Basically, this means Linux Mint will treat both monitors as one big display, and you can drag windows back and forth to it.

If you want the displays mirrored instead of extended, this is easy to accomplish. Once the additional monitor is connected, launch the System Settings application by going to the mintmenu, searching for “System Settings”, and then clicking on its icon when it appears in the search results. After Systems Settings appears, click on the Display icon, which will be located under the Hardware category. To set the displays as mirrored, click on the “Mirror displays” check box, and then click the Apply button. Linux Mint will then set the displays to mirror each other. This is the setting you will want to use if you are connecting a laptop to a projector. Note than when two displays are mirrored, they have to share the same screen resolution.

While the displays are extended, you can select an individual resolution for each other them. Both displays will be shown in the Display option. To change an individual display’s resolution, click on it and then adjust the resolution settings in the drop-down menu.





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  • October 17, 2016 at 2:15 am

    when I plug my VGA chord to my tv the vertical hold keeps scrolling. If I load windows it acts normal. I am running mint 16, should I just upgrade mint? Is there any coding that I can do that would fix the vertical hold situation?

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